Widow Archives The Series #2

Mike Wolfer's cult classic homage to the erotic horror films of the '70s returns, exactly as it was presented back in 1992 in the second issue of the original, groundbreaking, indie comics series, Widow: Flesh & Blood! Travel once again to the secluded Caribbean island home of Dr. Harrow, where strange, genetic experiments have produced a savage, spider-like monstrosity with a taste for human flesh. As they fight for survival in the jungle hell, two shipwrecked U.S. agents have only one ally, the mysterious and exotic Emma, daughter of Harrow... And possibly a greater threat to their lives than the spider creature that thirsts for their blood! Contains violence, nudity, gore, and adult situations- For mature readers only.

Artist: Mike Wolfer
Writer: Mike Wolfer
Cover Artist: Mike Wolfer

Release Date: Dec 26, 2018
Subscription cutoff: Dec 05, 2018