West Coast Avengers #8

• KATE BISHOP's ex NOH-VARR is back in town in a big way and needs her help with something weird. Do exes ever come back for normal reasons?! (They do not.) •  That's right, something foul is afoot in the City of Angels, and surprisingly, it's not the newly formed Masters of Evil West Coast (OR that Dutch Oven guy). •  No, this reeks of the Hollywood Elite with a seriously gross tinge of "cult," and it will take all of the West Coast Avengers working together - uncomfortable love triangles and personal problems be damned - in order to save the day. Sexy undercover mission, here we come! •  ALSO! Did GWENPOOL find and adopt a baby land shark? Why, yes, yes she did. Rated T+

Cover Artist: Eduard Petrovich

Release Date: Feb 27, 2019
Subscription cutoff: Feb 04, 2019