Atlantis Attacks #4

SECRETS REVEALED! •  For months, the young AGENTS OF ATLAS have served secret agent Jimmy Woo's Atlas Foundation and defended billionaire Mike Nguyen's Portal City of Pan. •  But as their efforts to defend Pan from KING NAMOR and ATLANTIS rip the hard-fought unity of their team to pieces, Silk and Amadeus Cho finally fight to find out if Woo and Nguyen have been guiding them - or manipulating them. •  And why is new Agent of Atlas WAVE sitting atop the Atlantean throne? •  What's Jimmy's true endgame? Is Nguyen a visionary or villain? The curtain's ripped aside - and the Agents of Atlas may never be the same! Rated T

Writer: Greg Pak
Cover Artist: Carlo Pagulayan

Release Date: Apr 29, 2020
Subscription cutoff: Apr 06, 2020